Old Elk Distillery is built on a culture of servant leadership, which drives accountability and integrity in the workplace. This allows Old Elk to do what is right for its customers while maintaining confidence and authenticity throughout the organization.

Curt Richardson Founder of Old Elk Distillery

Curt Richardson


Curt Richardson is the Founder of Old Elk Distillery. He is also the Founder, Chairman, and Chief Visionary Officer of Otter Products, LLC, and is co-Founder and Chairman of Blue Ocean Enterprises, Inc. An entrepreneur by nature, who thrives off of discovery, creation, and innovation, Curt founded Blue Ocean Enterprises, Inc. in 2011 to help activate promising business ideas, strategically invest in commercial real estate, and support his local community. Stemming from this creative, entrepreneurial passion, Curt started Old Elk Distillery in 2013. Through Old Elk Distillery, Curt hopes to build new, legacy brands that transcend tradition.

Luis Gonzalez CEO of Old Elk Distillery

Luis Gonzalez


As CEO Of Old Elk Distillery, Luis Gonzalez is responsible for company visions, growth, and planning initiatives. He also develops distribution and brand strategies. With over a decade of leadership experience, Luis is proficient at building strategic customer relationships and driving profitable brand expansion. Servant leadership is an important priority for Luis, and he embodies a selfless approach to business and leadership. He believes sincerity is a core element of employee and customer relationships, and is committed to winning industry sales and optimizing growth with integrity.

Greg Metze Master Distiller

Greg Metze

Master Distiller

Greg Metze became Old Elk Distillery’s Master Distiller following a 38-year career at Seagram’s Distillery in Lawrenceburg, Indiana, one of the world’s largest distilleries. Throughout his career, Greg has specialized in developing bourbon whiskeys, rye whiskeys, exotic whiskeys, batch light whiskeys, gin, and vodka. Additionally, Greg has leveraged his technical background and acquired knowledge of distillery practices to produce products that customers appreciate. As Master Distiller for Old Elk, he shares his passion and experience with others by leading the distilling team and practicing the fine art of producing premium distilled spirits.

Kate Douglas Head Distiller

Kate Douglas

Head Distiller

As Old Elk Distillery’s Head Distiller, Kate Douglas manages the day-to-day distilling operations, including the signature slow reduction process and sensory program. While she studies under the leadership of Greg Metze, Douglas is also pursuing her diploma in Distilling from the Institute of Brewing and Distilling in the U.K., and serves on the Colorado Distillers Guild board.